My first novel, Homicide in the Headlines, has been published. I was very lucky because I found a publisher at local mystery writers’ conference (Key West Mystery Fest). It’s a quick and fun read about a newspaper editor who is a dwarf and a tall blond who is a Marine Corps combat vet. A series of events forces them into a deadly game where they are looking for a serial killer. For mystery readers, it’s kind of a police procedural where readers follow how the heroes manage to find the killer. I hope you all enjoy it.

About mzeid18https://zeidsmysteries.wordpress.comI spent seven years as a military police officer for the United States Marine Corps. During which time I earned an Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice. In addition, I have assisted several police departments with community policing programs and sometimes investigations. I also have a Bachelor of Arts in Literature, Graduate Certification in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, and a Master's in Human Relations with a focus on Criminal Justice. Furthermore, I taught criminal justice courses at a local college for ten years.

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