Welcome to Mark’s HOME page! This site is devoted to the exciting stories that Mark is sharing. He hopes you have an adventurous read!


I spent seven years as a military police officer for the U.S. Marine Corps, as well as helped several local departments such as the Hiroshima International Criminal Investigation Division with community policing. I also worked for the Center for Domestic Preparedness, a training facility ran by Homeland Security where first responders (police officers, fire fighters, health care workers, etc.) learn how to hand natural disasters terrorists attacks, and mass casualty incidents. I lived and worked in Japan for 25 years teaching English at Japanese universities, and for the last ten years teaching criminal justice classes for Central Texas College at satellite campuses on American bases in Japan. I also did free-lance writing for 25 years and had more than 500 articles published. I currently work as a technical editor for the U.S. Air Force. I hope my experiences and insights will prove useful to all of my readers.
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8 thoughts on “Home

  1. Homicide in the Headlines is an extremely compelling thriller. It will keep you on the edge of your seat as the action unfolds. It is astonishing that this is the first book by this author. I look forward to reading many more books written by this gifted writer.

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  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading HOMICIDE IN THE HEADLINES. The complexity of the characters unfolding in the story kept me wanting for more information and gave me a relationship with them in understanding each individual’s pursuit of the villain. Being able to see through the villain’s thought processes gave a sense of “if only they knew” and added to the suspense. I loved the aspect of training despite the obvious setbacks of being short and knowing that no matter what one’s size, there is always a way to defend oneself. It did come in handy! I loved the action and it did not slow down which made me want to read the book quickly to find out what was going to happen I think it would make a great movie! Thank you to the author and look forward to reading MANY more books from this “gifted writer” as well.

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    • Diana,

      Glad you enjoyed the book. The second novel starring Terry and Paula is coming along and should be published in a few months. More good news, I am already working on the third novel of the series. Hope you enjoy them.

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