Book Review – Tower Down by David Hagberg

            The first page thrusts the reader into a suspenseful thriller as a merciless killer works to bring down a New York City landmark, killing hundreds of people, including many of the world’s wealthiest individuals. But the plot doesn’t stop with a single attack. Authorities soon learn another attack is imminent. This brings CIA’s Kirk McGarvey and his partner, Pete Boylan, into the investigation as they track a killer who hides by killing and stealing the identities of others. McGarvey and Boylan discover the killer targets the super-rich as a way to intensify the effects of his terrorist’s attacks. Their investigation takes them to the playgrounds or the wealthy at the Cannes Film Festival, the Monaco Grand Prix, and the Mega-Yacht Run at Mallorca. McGarvey and Boylan create a scam designed to entice the greed of the very wealthy and at the same time, flush out the killer. But this brings them into the killer’s sights, turning the investigation into a deadly cat and mouse game; each trying to expose the other before the next terrorist’s attack. The globe-trotting chase brings all of the players back to New York for a final showdown.


Book Review – Pulse by Michael Harvey

            Inspired by an actual event, this novel chronicles Daniel Fitzsimmons’ journey as he deals with the death of his older brother, Harry, and his search for Harry’s killer. The novel opens with a traffic accident and the tragic death of Daniel’s and Harry’s mother. Fast forward eight years to where Daniel is in high school and Harry is a star of Harvard’s football team. Daniel looks for a place of his own and rents a room from Simon, a Harvard professor that no one seems to know. Simon offers explanations for Daniel’s strange psychological dreams where he seems to inhabit the minds of others and animals. A night of adventure for college students leads to Harry’s death. When Detectives Barkley “Bark” Jones and Tommy Dillon arrive on the scene, they find Daniel there with Harry’s body; but Daniel has no explanation on how he got there. The detectives are able to identify a suspect. Furthermore, they reopen the investigation into Daniel’s mother’s death, suspecting it might have been murder instead of an accident, The police investigation, along with Daniel’s visions, lead them through a maze of deception in a deadly quest for the real killer.      

About mzeid18https://zeidsmysteries.wordpress.comI spent seven years as a military police officer for the United States Marine Corps. During which time I earned an Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice. In addition, I have assisted several police departments with community policing programs and sometimes investigations. I also have a Bachelor of Arts in Literature, Graduate Certification in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, and a Master's in Human Relations with a focus on Criminal Justice. Furthermore, I taught criminal justice courses at a local college for ten years.

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