A Calculated Conspiracy

By David and Nancy Beckwith

        Will and Betsy Black move to the Florida Keys where they take new jobs in the local financial industry. This delightful book highlights the history as well as the lifestyle unique to the Florida Keys. Our heroes become involved with homicides resulting from shady real estate deals designed to cheat investors. Their financial expertise and common sense keep them from becoming victims, but not their neighbors and business associates. Along the way, they deal with New Jersey hoods and members of a Colombian cartel. While the book was entertaining, it wasn’t a great “who done it,” because the book wasn’t written to leave clues for the reader to solve the case. But what I especially enjoyed about this book is it serves as a primer on how many real estate and investment schemes work. Another interesting delight of this novel is it will make the readers want to live and work in the Keys.

About mzeid18https://zeidsmysteries.wordpress.comI spent seven years as a military police officer for the United States Marine Corps. During which time I earned an Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice. In addition, I have assisted several police departments with community policing programs and sometimes investigations. I also have a Bachelor of Arts in Literature, Graduate Certification in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, and a Master's in Human Relations with a focus on Criminal Justice. Furthermore, I taught criminal justice courses at a local college for ten years.

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