Is this novel a mystery? Is it a thriller? Is it a romance? It’s actually a bit of all three. One thing is for sure, Flawless, by Heather Graham is a great story. It starts with Kieran Finnegan, who is a criminal psychologist and helps out in the family bar in the evenings. During a robbery in the Diamond District of New York, Kieran inadvertently saves the life of FBI Agent Craig Frasier and brings about the arrest of the thieves. What should be the end of a crime spree turns out to be the beginning of a murder investigation of a deadly group of copycat thieves that places Kieran, the FBI, and her family in danger. But there is more than murder to deal with–Kieran finds herself terribly attracted to Craig. Here is one novel that has something for everyone.

About mzeid18https://zeidsmysteries.wordpress.comI spent seven years as a military police officer for the United States Marine Corps. During which time I earned an Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice. In addition, I have assisted several police departments with community policing programs and sometimes investigations. I also have a Bachelor of Arts in Literature, Graduate Certification in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, and a Master's in Human Relations with a focus on Criminal Justice. Furthermore, I taught criminal justice courses at a local college for ten years.

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