Bouchercon 2019, Dallas, Texas

I hope all of you who attended Bouchercon 2019 in Dallas, Texas enjoyed it. I worked there as a volunteer, which really gave me a great chance to learn more about the conference and how to improve my standing as a writer, as well as meet a lot of great writers. Here are some photos I took while there. You are welcome to download any of them and use them on your websites or for publicity purposes. I do ask you give me photo credit for them. If you cannot download the photos, feel free to email me at and I will send you the photos directly.

Mark Zeid, author of the Media Murder Mysteries and Bud and P.I. Jeff Terrell Mysteries.

Bouchercon 1
Bouchercon 2
Bouchercon 3
Bouchercon 4
Bouchercon 5
Bouchercon 6
Bouchercon 7
Bouchercon 8
Bouchercon 9
Bouchercon 10
Bouchercon 11
Bouchercon 12
Bouchercon 13
Bouchercon 14
Bouchercon 15
Bouchercon 16
Bouchercon 17
Bouchercon 18
Bouchercon 19
Bouchercon 20
Bouchercon 21
Bouchercon 22
Bouchercon 23
Bouchercon 24
Bouchercon 25
Bouchercon 26
Bouchercon 27
Bouchercon 28
Bouchercon 29
Bouchercon 30
Bouchercon 31
Bouchercon 32
Bouchercon 33
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Bouchercon 36
Bouchercon 37
Bouchercon 38